Novartis Cancer Start-up Program

Novartis is embracing the digital revolution in health with a new edition of Cancer Start-up Program, its initiative that seeks to find solutions for a better approach to cancer patients and addressing the needs of health professionals.


About the Challenge

Welcome to the Novartis Cancer Start-up Program application process!  

Here you can submit all the relevant information for the jury to evaluate your candidacy

In order to be eligible to participate in the competition, each candidate must complete de form and upload the required documentation before the established deadlines 

The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory 

When completing the form, keep in mind that:

  1. Your start-up may have a solution that solves one, two or even all three use cases of the challenge. In this case, make a single registration explaining your solution and how it impacts each of the scenarios proposed
  2. Your start-up can have 2 or more solutions that impact different use cases. In this case, make an inscription for each of the solutions you want to present to the competition explaining how it impacts the indicated use case.

We recommend to:  

  1. Carefully read the Terms & Conditions of the competition before applying.
  2. Review the information provided in this form before submitting it. Once this is done, the form cannot be edited.  


How can technology be used to improve the comprehensive management of oncology patients and address the needs of healthcare professionals in preventing, diagnosing and monitoring the disease?

New technologies and the speed with which information is generated, distributed and consumed facilitate a democratization of knowledge and access to new devices for cancer prevention, diagnosis and monitoring. However, there is rarely an inclusive vision of all this information and technology available that enhances the role of each actor, which limits the opportunities to interact and improve the management of the disease throughout its stages

Novartis is looking for solutions focusing on the integral management of oncology patients that facilitate the work of healthcare professionals and have an impact on all those involved throughout the disease in the prevention, diagnosis and monitoring stages. 

The proposals the company hopes to receive are divided into three pillars or use cases:  

  • Prevention and diagnosis to impact health work
  • Diagnosis and emotional management of the patient
  • Remote monitoring and relationship between Healthcare professionals and patient

Integrative solutions that facilitate the relationship of the doctor, the patient and their support system are valued taking into account sociocultural, psychological and medical variables.

Good luck! 

*It will be positively valued that the form is ordered, complete and uniform.

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