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Necesitamos redefinir lo que significa la educación, necesitamos reinventar nuestros sistemas educativos. Y necesitamos hacerlo nosotros mismos: la gente, los que hacen

About the Challenge

Why are we doing this?

We are living in one of the most disruptive eras of human history, with the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and many other factors, such as COVID-19, that are disrupting the world as we use to know it. 

However, our education systems remain almost the same since centuries ago. So there is a huge urge to creating a new future for education in order to solve many global issues, including:

  • Lack of access to education.​

  • Higher education systems are focused on current job's needs, even though we don't even know which will be the jobs of the future.

  • Most education systems are focused on hard skills and knowledge, leaving apart emotions and other soft skills that will determine the future of people's life.

  • Traditional education systems are not adapted to the COVID-19, and we may miss years of proper education in the current young generations.

Sounds interesting, right? Registration is now open, register for the challenge and get more details about participation.

We deliver impact through innovation!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Opinno Challenges is an online platform where you can participate in a series of different challenges.

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At this time all of our challenges are free to enroll. Some of them are not available to the public, but they’re all free if you manage yo get an invitation.

Yes, at this time all of our challenges are 100% online.

Each challenge has a different ending date.

Yes, you can go back to your candidacy to review or edit it at any point while the challenge is still open.

Some challenges offer downloadable material.